Celebrate Beltane at Thornborough Henge in North Yorkshire – The circular earthworks known as henges were the cathedrals of Stone Age Britain. At Thornborough, three giant henges where built 5,000-years-ago to form a single ritual complex, making Thornborough Henge one of Britain’s most important prehistoric sacred sites. Each year we gather in this special place to celebrate the festival of Beltane that marks the beginning of summer. Beltane at Thornborough is an opportunity for people to join together in celebration, and connect with the rich spiritual and folk traditions of this ancient land.

Durham Pagan Moot – a group for anyone Wiccan, Pagan, Druidic, Shamanic, Heathen, Spiritualist etc, or even just like-minded and / or curious people in Durham and the areas surrounding Durham. Meet every 1st Tuesday of the month upstairs at The Head of Steam in Durham City. Whilst the stairs are wide, there is no disability access.

Earth Warriors – Darlington’s sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly shop in Skinnergate, run by the lovely Joseph.

The Forest House – Jenny’s Blog – will be updated when she has finished her PhD!

Lime Tree Farm – beautiful wildlife sanctuary near Masham in North Yorkshire, with its own modern stone circle and roundhouse.

Oakleaf Camp – Top pagan camp in the North, takes place every summer at Lime Tree Farm.

Pagans of the North – Pagans of the North is an online network for Pagans, Witches, Heathens and others on similar paths in the North of England (UK). They provide a free e-magazine every holiday around the popular Wheel Of The Year, featuring local businesses, suppliers and creators, as well as exploring different topics and themes, such as spellcraft, deities, book reviews and more. They also provide an online blog, courses and other resources. 

Sentry Circle – a modern stone circle near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, which some members of Mandua Briga helped to build.

The Smell of Water – photographer Gavin Parry’s excellent blog on subjects including northern folklore, history, megaliths and forgotten corners of the north east.

Stone Club – First rule of Stone Club is tell everyone about Stone Club.

Syre Byrd’s Word Emporium – Mandua Briga member Shane’s blog.

Vesuvio Wine Bar – we may occasionally be found here! Run by Les, who many moons ago allowed us to hold our pagan moot at the very much missed Voodoo Café.

Wild Roots Foraging – wild food foraging events and gatherings for women in Teesside. Highly recommended!