Here are some of the people and places that we think are fantastic and hopefully gives you an idea of who we are, what we like and the type of Druidry we do!

Anglesey Druid Order – yes we are an OBOD seed group, but we also love the polytheistic, animistic, magical, occult and very pagan expression of Druidry and the deep sense of connection to a particular land that is intrinsic in the ADO. Where we are on the Durham / North Yorkshire border in the north of England used to be part of what was known as the Hen Ogledd – the Old North, where the Cumbric language, closely related to Welsh, was spoken and we feel a strong affinity with our friends in Ynys Môn.

The British Druid Order – and again – yes we are an OBOD seed group, but we also love the more shamanic and wild earthiness of the BDO and when we are able to complete some of their courses as well as the OBOD ones we would be happy to be affiliated with our friends at the BDO.

Cafe Under The Spire – one of our favourite places, a little bit of a trek up to Gateshead but definitely worth it as its such a beautiful venue and they do nice food too. There is limited parking outside the venue and due to the landlord’s decision there are now parking meters on site (nothing to do with the cafe, they really did not want it) but if you are a Blue Badge holder you will get a refund from staff at the venue. About 10 minutes walk away from Gateshead Interchange bus and Metro station and also on a bus route – the 53, 94 and 97 bus go past, get off the bus at Bensham Court Flats on Bensham Road. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.

The Crowman – David Pitt is an artist, maker, musician and creative practitioner. As “The Crowman”​ he works as a storyteller and facilitator of creative activity workshops for children and adults that can include mask and puppet making, ephemeral sculpture, music, words, animation and sound. David is also known as The Mari Midwife and has been working with, and promoting, the Mari Lwyd tradition since 2011. To date he has made the 13 Mari Lwyds and will be helping us to create Mari Briga, our Mari Lwyd.

Damh the Bard – obviously!

Dilston Physic Garden – a 2-acre oasis of natural habitat featuring 700 European medicinal species, truly a garden for mind, body, and spirit. The organic garden design provides a tranquil space for relaxation and inspiration. They run regular events on plant medicine and alternative therapies. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.

Earth Warriors – Darlington’s sustainable, vegan and eco-friendly shop in Skinnergate, run by the lovely Joseph.

The Forest House – Mandua Briga member Jenny’s blog

Hallowquest – Caitlín and John Matthews explore the myths and traditions of Britain and Ireland, uncovering the Celtic and Arthurian mysteries, exploring shamanic wisdom, and creating rituals that honour the ancestral ways, to tell the ancient stories that our descendants will remember. Caitlín’s Blessings of the Celtic Year course, a sequence of wisdom, myth, lore, rituals and mediations celebrating the seasons is available on her Substack.

Hannah Willow – Hannah is an artist and jewellery maker creating stunningly beautiful artwork inspired by British folklore and the Wiltshire landscape where she lives.

Historic Jewellery Reproduction – Jeweller Mike Shorer creates stunning historical pieces cast from moulds made from the original pieces themselves created by his late father Peter Shorer, who worked for The British Museum. Mike has made us several direct copies of The Stanwick Horse Mask which we use on our ceremonial drum Moon Drum and will appear on the forehead of our Mari Lwyd Mari Briga when she is completed.

Lime Tree Farm – beautiful wildlife sanctuary near Masham in North Yorkshire, with its own modern stone circle and roundhouse. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.

Locos In Motion Border Morris – Locos in Motion are a mixed border morris side based at the village of Sadberge, near Darlington. Jenny from Mandua Briga dances with them and Liz from Mandua Briga is the drummer. They meet every Tuesday evening from 7pm.

Marcus Music – handmade drums made in Wales by the fabulous Dave Cox and his partner Jayne. Our new ceremonial drum “Moon Drum” was made by them. For updates on the fantastic drums they are currently working on or have for sale check out their Facebook page.

Pagans of the North – Pagans of the North is an online network for Pagans, Witches, Heathens and others on similar paths in the North of England (UK). They provide a free e-magazine every holiday around the popular Wheel Of The Year, featuring local businesses, suppliers and creators, as well as exploring different topics and themes, such as spellcraft, deities, book reviews and more. They also provide an online blog, courses and other resources. 

Runecast Copper – Beautiful, distinctive and unique handcrafted copper jewellery inspired by the ancient past. Geoff and Sky are latter day Viking Gypsies travelling the lands trading their wares both in person and online. Their copper jewellery is beautiful and we especially love their stunning Awen pendant.

Sacred Sounds – gong bathing and drumming workshops based in Sunderland. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.

Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies – Shamanic inspiration and teaching with Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback. Jonathan and Zara share their experience and way of working with the Spirits and the Living World. You can find tutorials and resources touching on healing, nature work, soul retrieval, ceremony, community circles, peace, power, spiritual ecology, sacred space, earth healing and much more. Jonathan and Zara’s YouTube channel Shaman Circle Center contains hours of wisdom teachings from their many years of running powerful workshops.

Sentry Circle – a modern stone circle near Northallerton, North Yorkshire, which some members of Mandua Briga helped to build. For up to date information on camping and events check out their Facebook page.

The Smell of Water – photographer Gavin Parry’s excellent blog on subjects including northern folklore, history, megaliths and forgotten corners of the north east.

Stone Club – the first rule of Stone Club is tell everyone about Stone Club.

Syre Byrd’s Word Emporium – Mandua Briga member Shane’s blog.

The Travelling Talesman – Cliff Eastabrook spoken word performer of myths, legends, and folktales. Energetic and engaging, crafting unique performances for diverse adult and family audiences. For up to date information check out his Facebook page.

Vesuvio Wine Bar – we may occasionally be found here! Run by Les, who many moons ago allowed us to hold our pagan moot at the very much missed Voodoo Café in Darlington.

Wild Roots Foraging – wild food foraging events and gatherings for women in Teesside. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.

Wildways on the Borle – an oasis in rural Shropshire, a centre for inspiration creativity, celebration and transformation. Beautiful retreat centre run by Elaine and Garth. For up to date information check out their Facebook page.