Hark! Once Again

Jenny and I went along to the latest Hark! Darlington event which combines really interesting local musicians with readings at the lovely Hash Bar and Kitchen on Coniscliffe Road. Despite both of us being really tired and umming and ahhing about whether to go, we were both glad that we did as the musicians were great.

Our favourite musician of the night was the awesome Rebecca Denniff, who combines moog-based electronica, words of the Raven King from Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell with one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard.

Rebecca is involved in a number of projects (listed below) and one of her current ones is called Bonfire Hill with her partner David Owen, where on 21st day of each month this year they will release a 12 minute ambient track filled with the atmosphere and folklore of that particular month, which they describe as “An aural almanac. A musical guide to the seasons, rhythms, celebrations, events, special days and darkling nights when the veil is thin…”

Have a listen to January’s:

Bonfire Hill

And this is wonderful:

Storm Chorus


Band of Cloud

Happy Imbolc to you, we are sad that due to a number of family health issues and work commitments we are not able to run an Imbolc or a Spring Equinox ceremony this year but we are hoping that all may be well for Beltane xxx

Snowdrops in Southend Avenue, Darlington

by Liz

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